PIA2020 Fall 2017

Introduction to Public Affairs

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PIA 2020 Fall Syllabus

PIA2020 Fall 2017 Bios

PIA2020 Week 1

Franz Kafka, Kafka

PIA2020 Week 2

Nadine Gordimer, Africa Emergent

James Thurber, “The Greatest Man in the World,

PIA 2020 Week 3

George Orwell, “The Unfree Leader-Shooting the Elephant” in Green and Walzer, pp.pp.376-383 

PIA 2020 Week 4

PIA 2020 Week 5

PIA 2020 Week 6

PIA 2020 Week 7: Midterm

PIA2020 Week 8

PIA 2020 Week 9

In a Free State’, (Reserve; Link 1 is most of ‘Tell me who to kill’ with end on the second link with ‘In a Free State’ Link 2 )

PIA 2020 Week 10

Due 11/1- Woodrow Wilson ‘The Study of Administration’, in Shafritz and Hyde, Classics of Public Administration, pp. 3-16 (Reserve); Irving R. Janis ‘Group Think’, in Ott, pp. 223-232  (Reserve)

Due 11/8- Picard and Buss, Chapter 10-14; Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 9

Due 11/15- Dhowli-Mahasweta Devi in Solomon, Other Voices, Other Rooms   (Reserve); Picard and Moudoud, The 2008 Guinea Conakry Coup (Reserve)

PIA 2020 Week 11 & 12

Due 11/29- Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 10; Duodu, “The Tax Dodger, in Larson, African Short Stories, tax-dodger

PIA 2020 Week 13

PIA2020 Week 14

Rubric 2020

Example Essays (remember these may be missing proper citation): PIA2020 Midterm Essay C  PIA 2020 Final Essay.example

Key Events:

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Final Exam- 12/13 The average was 85/100.

Pick up Exam- 12/18, 10-1, rm. 3615. Otherwise, you can come pick it up after classes start back up.  Grade corrections or questions need to be presented by students to Dr. Picard or Jessi the TA no later than 1/10.  Thank you!  Happy Holidays!