PIA 2020 Spring 2017

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  • Each group will be assigned topic points to fill out each week by Jessi the TA, only do the ones you are assigned. For full participation credit, complete them by start of the next class please.

pia-2020-syllabus-2017-2 (new as of 1/17)

Class Bios: PIA 2020 Student Bios 2017

PIA2020 Week-1

Readings for 1/23: Core-  Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Introduction and Chapter 1; Zakaria, Introduction and Chapter 1; Picard and Buss , Chapter 1-2 Picard and Buss Ch. 2 Picard and Buss Ch1; Lemann, pp. 3-58 ;  Kafka “Bureaucracy,” in Green and Walzer, pp. 319-326; Degree Specific Assignments-  Okrent (MPA) Prologue, Chapters 1-2; Scroggins (MID), Chapters 1-4; Razor and Bauman (MPIA) Forward, Chapter 1-2; or Wedel (MPPM) Preface

PIA 2020 Week 2

Readings for 1/30: Core-Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 2; Lemann, pp. 59-107; Picard and Buss ch 3; Nadine Gordimer, “Africa Emergant,” in Solomon, pp. 36-51. (Reserve); James Thurber, “Greatest Man in the World,” in Archer and       Bainbridge, Fools, pp. 138-146 (Reserve); Degree- Okrent (MPA) Chapter 3-6; Scroggins, (MID) Chapters 5-8; Razor and Bauman (MPIA) Chapter 3-4; Wedel (MPPM) Chapter 1  

PIA2020 Week 3

Readings for 2/6: CoreSchiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 4; Lemann, pp. 109-202; Picard and Buss, Chapter 4; George Orwell, “The Unfree Leader-Shooting the Elephant” in Green and Walzer, pp.376-383 (Reserve); Degree- Okrent (MPA) Chapter 7-8; Scroggins (MID) Chapters 9-13; Razor and Bauman (MPIA) Chapter 5-6; Wedel (MPPM) Chapter 2

PIA 2020 Week 4

Readings for 2/13: Core– Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Ch.16; Zakaria, Ch. 2; Picard and Buss, Ch.5; Lemann, pp. 203-305;In a Free State sectionNaipaul, In a Free State, pp. 99-239 (For class, read ‘Tell Me Who to Kill’, pp. 54-98 (Reserve); Degree- Okrent (MPA) Chapter 9-10; Scroggins (MID) Chapters 14-17; R&B (MPIA) Chapter 7-8; Wedel (MPPM) Chapter 3

PIA 2020 Week 5

Readings for 2/20: Core- Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter  3; Picard and Buss, Chapter 6-7; Zakaria, Chapter 3; Lemann, pp. 309-339; Koenraad W. Swart, “The Sale of Public Offices,” in Heidenheimer, et. al., Chapter 7; Degree- Okrent (MPA) Chapter 11-12; Scroggins (MID) Chapters 18-22; Razor and Bauman (MPIA) Chapter 9-10; Wedel (MPPM) Chapter 4

PIA 2020 Week 6

Readings for 3/13: Core- Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 8; Picard and Buss, Chapter 8-9; Lemann, pp. 343-353; Naipaul, In a Free State, pp. 99-239 (see above 2/20)(Reserve); Degree- Okrent (MPA) Chapter  13-14; Scroggins, (MID) Chapters 23-27; Razor and Bauman (MPIA) Chapter 11-14; Wedel (MPPM) Chapter 5

PIA 2020 Week 7

PIA 2020 Week 8

Readings for 3/20: Core- Zakaria, Chapter 4; Picard and Buss, Chapter 10-11; Woodrow Wilson, “Wilson ‘The Study of Administration’,” in Shafritz and Hyde,  Classics of Public Administration, pp. 3-16 (Reserve); Irving R. Janis, “Janis ‘Group Think’” in Ott, pp. 223-232  (Reserve); Degree- Okrent (MPA) Chapter 15-18; Scroggins, (MID) Chapters 27-30; Razor and Bauman (MPIA) Chapter 15-20; Wedel (MPPM) Chapter 6

3/27:  Organization, Socialization and Motivation (part 2)

PIA 2020 Week 9

4/3: Managing Budgets and Money: Core- Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 6 and 7; Zakaria, Chapter 5; Picard and Buss, Chapter 12-14; Samuel P. Huntington, “Modernization and Corruption,” Heidenheimer, et al., Chapter 23 (Reserve); Degree- Okrent (MPA) Chapter 19-21 and Epilogue; Scroggins, Chapters 31-Epilogue; Razor and Bauman (MPIA) Chapter 22-24 plus Afterward; Wedel (MPPM) Chapter 7

PIA 2020 Week 10

4/10: Debates about development and Public Sector Reform: Core-Zakaria, Chapter 6; Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 9; Picard and Moudoud, “The 2008 Guinea Conakry Coup “(Reserve); Mahasweta Devi, “Dhowli” Dhowli-Mahasweta Devi in Solomon, Other Voices, Other Rooms (Reserve)

PIA 2020 Week 11

4/17:  Management of Contracts and Impact: Core- Schiavo-Campo and McFerson, Chapter 9-10; Duodu, “ The Tax Dodger,” in Larson, African Short Stories, pp. 107-127 (Reserve)

PIA 2020 Week 12

Reminder: Attendance is part of your participation grade.  If you cannot attend please send an email before class with the reason. Emergencies or illness are excused absences.

4/18 9pm Final changes to Discussion Points must be finished by all Groups for full participation credit; they will then be saved by the TA for content review and any final changes in expected testing content will be posted by 4/20 with new edits italicized; Final exam will include mostly content from second half of semester after midterm, with some pre-midterm questions included (hints given at Study Session on Sat)

4/22, Saturday, Final Study Session- 1-2pm, Rm 3911

4/24.  FINAL EXAMINATION- If a student needs special accommodations for the test, please email the TA Jessi before 4/10 so that we may assist you

Grading Rubric Reference: Rubric 2020 2017