Carel Boshoff


Carel Boshoff was a very conservative (critics called him right wing) Afrikaner leader during the crucial years of South Africa’s transition from apartheid to democracy and beyond.  Boshoff was the leader of the Voortrekker movement from 1981 to 1989, and the chairman of the Afrikaner Broederbond, an influential society of Afrikaners whose aim was to further the cause of Afrikaner nationalism in South Africa, from 1980 to 1983. He was better known as the founder Orania, an Afrikaner “white”  settlement he created with private funds in 1991. Orania is located in the Northern Cape province.  Boshoff espoused a policy of extreme separate development, economically and culturally, for blacks and whites, and created Orania with the goal of preserving the culture of the Afrikaners. The current mayor of Orania is Boshoff’s son, Carel Boshoff IV. Carel Boshoff died on March 16, 2011, at age 83.


Interview Notes from October 8, 1990

Prof. Carl W. Boshoff
Afrikaner Volswag
and the South African Bureau of Racial Affairs (SABRA)
and the Freedom Foundation Political Party

There are different nations in South Africa. It’s not possible to put them together in one state. It is up to different states; one state should not possess all the land.

The negotiations process is right. There is no other way. The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate. The negotiations need to solve what is unsolvable.

It is a question of the division of land, not about the constitution. After the partition of land, negotiations can look at constitutions. There may be a unitary state in South Africa plus different other nation states. There must be some form of economic order.

The Afrikaner nation is a defined nation. This self-sustaining concept is that of a free nation, though a small nation, there is a strong will.

We look at land in the Northern Cape area. Focus is on the Orange River area. The current population is 150,000 whites, 300,000 Coloureds and only a few blacks. We have a reasonable proposal. Our idea is winning support. We want to take an area that is thinly populated but with potential for development. We can’t take the PWV- we can’t ignore 90 years of history.

There are a number of issues with regard to land:

1. The idea of whites being the majority of the population some place;

2. One cannot move and resettle millions of people. We work with a population base of two million whites within the white heartland.

3. One cannot dominate forever a vast number of foreigners;

4. Our proposal should be reasonable at face value.

5. Negotiations should start with the current population. We look to the development of a mono-cultural area. There should be some resettlement of Coloureds. We must make it possible for them to receive compensation for what they give up.

There should be a national movement. All together people should organize but they should do so on their own steam. The idea is to make it reasonable but to motivate people to move each way.
We are in the process of distributing our power within forty towns in the heartland. We want to get key people from the area involved with the AV.

The Orange River is dammed-up. We need to canalize, to bring water to places where development can occur. People will sell their farms and businesses here and buy them there. We intend to establish a Development Bank, an organization to act as a money house. There has been interesting reaction with regard to our investment corporation idea. We need agricultural development plus high technology.

There can be a “minority” of non-whites in the area but it should be a mono-cultural state. We would not reestablish apartheid; it would be an open society but with strong borders.

The language would be Afrikaans but it would be open to English speaking groups. We also want links with European countries and some immigration.

The AV will not compete for government. It is a people’s movement not a political party. The key is that in the next few years the fight will be between ANC vs. Inkatha. De Klerk will look towards different power groups within South Africa. It will be a race between the ANC and the Nationalists. The question is who will win.

In the past- the idea of the nation state was more viable 20 years ago. The idea of a series of nation states is still a possibility. I expect a Zulu nation. But in the past there was not real partition. In those days it was not clear that colonialism was at an end.

The Orange River Project is also the Verwoerd Project.




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