Doidges: From Devon to Lakefield

The Doidges and the Veales:
From Devon to Lakefield and Beyond

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This story of the Doidges is a work in progress.  Marion Doidge provided much of the information for this web page.  Additional information came from Roy Harper Beatrice Doidge, the late Mary Margaret Doidge, David Doidge, and  Mary Sarle.  Sources includ census and other records on Ancestry Canada, Ontario birth and marriage indices, and the Saginaw Library Obituary Index.

William Doidge and Mary Maria Veale were married on 02 May 1872. They were married by a magistrate, unusual for practicing Methodists at the nime.  No church record has ever been found registering the marriage. Perhaps the non-church wedding had something to do with the fact that the bride was pregnant.

William and Mary came to Ontario in the spring of 1872. They traveled to Canada on the “Empress of Scotland” in May 1872 shortly after their marriage, arriving on May 20, 1872. They did not exactly rush to get married earlier. Was William going to come to Ontario alone, and then they decided to marry? But could they get passage on ship and documentation organized that quickly?  The move must have been in the plans prior to their marriage as one did not just get on a ship.

Mary and William Doidge

Mary and William Doidge in their garden in the 1890s

 Their first child Mary Evelyn Doidge, was born in Oct 1872. It is likely that her “delicate condition” (as it would have been described in the nineteenth century) had anything to do with the move.

The Veales, as land owners, were of a higher social class than the Doidges and they were not happy when their daughter married William, an employee on the Veale farm. William, a farm laborer in the UK, possibly realized that he would not be a land owner in England, but he could be in Canada. Perhaps they did not want to be near her disapproving family.

Maria apparently returned to England once about 1903 when she inherited some Veale money or property, but William did not go.  Perhaps he did not feel wanted or welcome?

Mary Doidge had married a John Northcott (and there is some evidence to suggest that Mary Doidge and William Doidge were cousins). According to the 1871 UK census, their son William was born in England and was 11 months old on 02 Apr 1871, census day. Both families lived on Chippewa Street or Avenue in Lakefield not too many houses apart. The Northcotts died in 1919 and 1927 respectively a bit before William and Mary Maria. The two families appear to be close. Provided support for each other. This may be why why both settled in Lakefield.

Ernest Harold Doidge

Ernest Harold Doidge, c. 1908

Ernest Herbert Doidge was the second son and third child of William Doidge and Mary Maria Veale. He was born on 3 Feb 1878   in Lakefield, ON.   He attended school in Lakefield and was a student at the University of Toronto majoring in Engineering.  In 1909 Ernest(Senior) moved to Saginaw, Michigan USA where he worked as a draftsman for Wicks Company.

On 26 Oct 1906  Ernest was married to Maude Detcher who was born in Peterborough in 1878.  Their first child, a girl born Aug 1907 died in infancy.  Maude and their son Ernest Harold, who was born in Peterborough district, arrived to join Ernest in April 1909.  On 04 Aug 1909 little Harold died. He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Saginaw.

Four more children were born to Ernest and Maude Doidge in Saginaw.  They were: William Alan (born March 24 1910 in Saginaw and died August 21, 1973 in Midland, Michigan); Mary Margaret (January 23, 1912 and died on May 12 2006) She lived her whole life in Saginaw); Ernest “Ernie” Herbert Jr  (August 17 1913 Saginaw and died on July 15, 2007 Saginaw, MI).

When Katherine Maude Doidge was born on June 5, 1916, in Michigan, her father, Ernest, was 38 and her mother, Maude, was 40. She married A. Vincent “Alexander” Picard on November 20, 1941, in Saginaw, Michigan. They had three children during their marriage. She died on February 6, 2002, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, at the age of 85.

The Four Doidge Children Christmas 1916

The Four Doidge Children, at Christmas, 1916.  Al and Margaret are standing in the rear. Ernest Jr. and Katherine (six months) in the front .

Maude died 30 July 1916.  It had been a very hot summer and she apparently died of heat exhaustion perhaps exacerbated by weakness from child birth. After her death, Ernest married Jennie Violet Stingel Doidge.  She died of apoplexy on November 30, 1919 and he was left a widower again.  Widower Ernest then had to hire housekeepers to help with the children.  He registered for WWI in 1918.  In the 1920 census he was listed as a widower with four young children.

On 20 Aug 1925 Ernest married Joanna B Schweizer (born January 6, St. Charles, Michigan. Joanna) taught in the Saginaw Public Schools from 1916- 1925.  She died on November 16 1962, at the age 69 in Saginaw.

Marg Doidge was the Women’s Basketball Coach at Arthur Hill High School. She was a pioneer in the field of girls’ and womens’ sports especially basketball and tennis.

(Below). Mary Margaret Doidge, c. 1937.
Mary Margaret Doidge, c. 1975.
Mary Margaret Doidge, c. 1975. How times have changed.
  How times have changed.  Yet she lived to be 95 years old. Happy hour was always at 5:00.

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  1. hey there, perhaps you can help me out with my genealogy lol my great grandfather’s was Henry H Doidge, his mother was Maud Hannaford and his father was also Henry Doidge, my predicament is “apparently” he committed suicide BUT I think he might of run off to Canada, he was in the British royal navy at some point he was born about 1913 let me know if you can help out 🙂 please and thankyou

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