Do I like Mitt Romney?  Several times a day (on Facebook) I get asked that question. I probably like him better than many who may not vote for him.  What I like about him however is not likely to endear him to his base. The current Romney is no crazy; he is most likely still the moderate that he was when he was Massachusetts Governor.  In the 1960s his father was a member of what was then called the Rockefeller Republicans.  If they still existed I suppose the son would be as well. It probably would not be a disaster were he to become President since the U.S. would still have divided government. Still it is not the same Republican Party that it was in the 1950s (no liberal bastion that of course).

September 9, 2012

I voted for George Romney in 1964 while at the same time voting for Lyndon Johnson.  It was a bad year in Michigan for Democrats.  The then Swanson administration was atrophied and somewhat corrupt. I thought that the split ticket was a good balance and Romney had chaired Michigan’s Constitutional Convention and wrote a good constitution. And I was pretty conservative in the early 1960s.

There is still a certain appeal for me to the libertarian economic theories that are batted around the Republican Party; attacks on what the British call the “nanny state.”  However, the major trade off, to me is what many Republicans now fixate upon- the social nanny state, focusing on individual social behavior.  Rather than social libertarians, many in the Republican base, essentially want state social controls on religious, moral and health related behavioral issues. “Don’t tread on me” should apply not just to the kitchen and the pocket book but all rooms of the house and all parts of the body.  That is why, though I think the current administration has made many mistakes, and doesn’t play politics very well, the control of social behavior envisioned by todays Republican Party should scare all those who admire the Cato Institute or Ayn Rand.  They and she were libertarians in both the economic and the social sense of the term. Let’s see.  I will not be a dull Fall for political junkies.



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