Spring 2016


PIA 2501- Week One

Rising Sun 1 & Rising Sun 2 & Rising Sun 3

George Orwell_Shooting the Elephant

Chambers,ch.1 & Chambers,ch.2 & Chambers,ch.3

Theroux _Tarzan_

Rapley Link= https://www.rienner.com/uploads/47e2d55b15183.pdf

Picard and Buss Ch1 & Picard and Buss Ch. 2 & Picard and Buss ch 3 & Picard and Buss ch 6 & Picard and Buss Chp 8

Rapley Chapter 1 & Rapley ch 2

Bates Ch 1 & Bates 2 & Bates, ch.3 & Bates ch4 & Bates Chp 6

Class Reading Discussion Week 2

PIA 2501 Week 3

Griffin-Underdevelopment in History

Susan George, A Fate Worse Than Debt Chapters 4 & Susan George, A Fate Worse Than Debt, Chapters 3

Edwards, ch.1 & Edwards, ch.2 & Edwards ch 5 and 6 & Edwards 11 and 12

Haslam ch.2&  Haslam Ch 4Haslam ch.7 & Haslam ch.25 & HaslamChp12 and 23 & Haslam Ch. 8 & Haslam Ch. 9 & Haslam Ch. 10

Picard and Garrity _Dependency Avoidance_

Karnow, ch.5 & Karnow, ch.7 & Karnow, ch.15

Esman 1-3

Goulet ch 2 & Goulet ch 5

Two Faces of Progress by Cary

PIA 2501Week 4

Make sure to remember when to present your book. Scanners should try to upload materials for Haslam & Golden Oldies/Case Studies no later than Sunday, please. Make sure to add to Recitation Notes on Google Shared file, which several have already done, thanks!  Located at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y7WZYW06AVCz7e2rYbzK18BnFNRf4dEN44nfcAGjtmA/edit?usp=sharing

Carlos Fuentes

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

PIA 2501week 5 rev


PIA 2501-Week Seven



Borges_The Book of Sand

Attitudes and Development The District Administration in Tanzania

Picard_ Socialism and the Field Administrator

Example Test Essays that are As: Midterm_Essay_Prompt_A  & Midterm essay C & PIA 2501 Midterm Essay.example

Dreamed, but failed, still dreaming

PIA 2501 Week Nine

Palmer, et. al., Egyptian Bureaucracy Ch. 1 & Palmer, et. al., Egyptian Bureaucracy Ch.3 & Palmer, et. al., Egyptian Bureaucracy Ch 6

The role of the states in the Brazilian Federation

Attitudes and Development_Picard


Path Appears ppt

Dhowli-Mahasweta Devi

PIA 2501 Week 10

“Among the Gypsies” http://bi.galegroup.com/global/article/GALE%7CA170514490/92dbe7db69701f1de3fbec54b49f3007?u=upitt_main

Nick’s Book Presentation

Midterm- You can choose to rewrite your midterm essay as a writing assignment for a higher grade.  It should be structured the same as an assigned writing essay, with references and proper structure and grammar.  The writing center is a good resource but feel free to contact Jessi if you want help.  Due no later than 3/30, turn in printed copy to Jessi in class.  The grade improvement will be taken into account when calculating the final grades.  It will not negatively affect your grade but can only improve it.  Good luck!

Chambers, Ch. 4 -7

internal capacity and overload in guinea and niger

the 2008 guinea conakry coup

Sue Ellen ch 7

Belasco Talk

PPP How to Change the World, Arwa Khadr EllBoraei

PIA 2501 Week 11 (1)



PIA 2501 WEEK 12

Picard Ch. 13 & Picard Ch. 14


Caiden and Wildavsky Chapters 8-10

PIA 2501 Week 14

Rondinelli Chapters 6-7

Weatherby Chapter 9

Final Exam: April 20th- pool of potential questions were shared via email on 4/15, exam consists of 20 possible questions which you answer 15, and 1 essay, no notes allowed, bring paper and pencils/pens please


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